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About SWiET

Katlego Setwaba
Chairlady of SWiET
SWiET Report


The Society for Women in Engineering and Technology, better known as SWiET, is a society made up of self-motivated female students who all share a common love for engineering. One other quality that should be evident in these young ladies is that they are courageous, going against the norm by venturing into a field of study formerly known as one for males. Furthermore, they are proud UJ students whose society objectives model an exceptional UJ student.

This academic society, formed to be a support structure for students by promoting academic excellence, strives to form a sisterhood amongst its members. The vision and mission of SWiET are not confined to the green palisade fence of UJ but spreads out to the community at large. 

Their works have gained them recognition, support and respect from their male peers and lecturers. They’ve partnered with initiatives like SciBono, Eskom and SAWomEng but to name a few. If you are in the radar of SWiET, you should consider yourself as an entity of note because these ladies aim very high and the saying “the sky is the limit” seems to be merely a rumor for them.

In a nutshell, the ladies of SWiET cannot be summed up in one paragraph, wherever they go one is sure to remember them. What else would you expected from ladies whose motto is ‘Women inspire Excellence’.