Excellence Awards

the Annual Summit at WiEBE, University of Johannesburg and Group Five

Excellence Awards Excellence Awards in Engineering and the Built Environment

The Women in Engineering and the Built Environment Summit was initiated in 2008; and has since become an iconic event on the annual engineering and technology calendar. The Summit is hosted in August to acknowledge and celebrate professional technical women during Women’s month, and to motivate young women to engage or pursue their careers in Engineering and the Built Environment.

Over the years the Summit has added much value to the professional development of women. The WiEBE dinner and leadership debates, networking functions, and dialogue series are amongst the great ideas we received from delegates at the Summit.  The Excellence in Engineering and Technology Awards originated in 2010 and is the first and most remarkable recognition of women in the technical sectors in South Africa! The finalists and winners of the Excellence Awards are acknowledged at the Summit; and so the Summit continues to celebrate the uniqueness and value that women bring to engineering and technology!

The WiEBE Ambassador Programme originated in 2011 when delegates were requested to “Bring A Dream” to the Summit.  From your suggestions, we have initiated four Ambassador Programmes that you can view on this website. These are women that dedicate their lives to making a difference to others and we want to be a part of making that dream a reality!

WiEBE continues to build its community of women professionals in engineering and the built environment. The Summit is where we come together every year to celebrate one another’s achievements, challenges, and dreams. We are committed to making engineering accessible to all Women, giving women in South Africa the power to change an industry!