of WiEBE, University of Johannesburg and Group Five

Tlaleng Moabi

Face of Engineering January 2012

Current Employer: Enzani Technologies

Position: Founder

Tlaleng graduated in 2000 from Wits University and such has been in the industry for 10year. From early in her career, Tlaleng was fortunate to be involved in two areas that ended up structuring her career path, i.e. energy management and transportation systems. She has been part of the development of the energy management industry as well as the team that started the Gautrain project from 2000. Her involvement on the Gautrain has been her cornerstone, as it exposed her to technologies that were new to South Africa such signalling, electronic fare collection (which her Masters dissertation was based on), passenger information systems, ventilation and air conditioning in tunnels, access for people with disabilities. She has also contributed to the energy management sector, with Eskom. She has developed proposals for (geyser) hot water management systems based on ripple control technologies, lighting and air conditioning, tariff optimisation. Whilst working on the Gautrain project, Tlaleng was awarded an opportunity to do her Masters Degree in Transport Systems, an opportunity which expanded her knowledge of engineering, as the course included transport systems - planning and designs for Civil engineers. By the time she returned on the Gautrain project, she was able to contribute not only in terms of Electrical systems, but she was able to understand and exchange ideas with civil engineering colleagues. Tlaleng is one of the founders of Enzani Technologies, a turnkey electrical engineering company, since 2005. Her involvement in the company is business development which includes developing solutions to clients in the energy and mining sectors.