of WiEBE, University of Johannesburg and Group Five

Stephanie Marais

Face of Engineering September 2011

Current Employer: Eskom Generation Head Office

Position: Senior Consultant

Stephanie started in Eskom as an engineer-in-training at Lethabo Power Station where she gained experience in process water treatment, cycle chemistry and chemical engineering. Her experience at the station includes researching the use of an electrochemical reactor for flocculant production. This work progressed from being merely a concept to being demonstrated on an industrial scale. She has been involved in numerous water treatment projects with specific emphasis on long-term plant health. She is also the one of the developers of the Chemistry Data Management System that was used Generation-wide for over 15 years. Stephanie was the technical supervisor for a major desalination plant installation at Lethabo Power Station. She also worked as a process engineer on the units at Lethabo and acted as Manager of the station’s Chemical Services section for a year. After 11 years of experience in the power station environment, Stephanie was promoted to Senior Consultant at the Eskom Generation Head Office.