of WiEBE, University of Johannesburg and Group Five

Naeema Kharsany

Face of Engineering July 2011

Current Employer: Transnet

Position: Project Manager Transnet

Naeema is a young lady with wisdom far beyond her years. She is a soft-spoken person with determination and a will of iron. When she sets her mind to something, she will not be brought off balance. She is a visionary: someone who sees a need, dreams about fulfilling that need and then has the courage and determination to realise her dream to the betterment of all. These are the very attributes that led her to go beyond a vision of giving back (through educational empowerment) and to ultimately register the ReDineo Scholarship Scheme NPO. Naeema is a transformational leader. Her tenacity when the NPO is faced with hurdles keeps the team of volunteer young professionals motivated and focussed. As the founder and Chairperson of ReDineo, she typically carries the biggest load of work and level of responsibility with such diligence that the NPO is naturally intertwined with her own life. She has the ability to clarify goals and objectives, communicate effectively to organise tasks and activities with the co-operation of all the members of ReDineo as well as the ability to solve problems and obtain the organisations desired goals. Her sense of justice, fairness and integrity enables her to handle even the toughest of situations / decisions with maturity and a great sense of responsibility During the work-week, Naeema puts on a hard-hat and plays the role of a Welding Engineer. She matriculated from Metlife-RAUCALL in 2002 with three distinctions. She completed an undergraduate degree in Mechanical Engineering at Wits University in 2008 and then completed her MEng in Welding Engineering in 2012 at the same institution. Presently, she is the Welding engineer at Transnet Engineering where she finds solutions to welding related problems. On weekends and after hours, the softer side emerges and her family and ReDineo fill her hours with love, laughter and colour. Being a person of many contradictions, from her timid appearance to the harsh engineering environment in which she works, and from her soft-spoken yet direct approach to issues on life, politics and society, she imbibes ReDineo with the courageous and pioneering spirit it requires to grow in South Africa.